Industry-Best Warranty

Eye-On Alarm has one of the best warranty programs in the home security systems industry. It is just another way that our security solutions team is working hard to look out for you. What makes our warranties so great? Well, first of all, there aren’t any unexpected increases or hidden fees. That makes budgeting much easier. Furthermore, our rates are “locked-in” for the duration of the term, so you know exactly how much you are going to pay for as long as you are with our company.

Think of our warranty program as a security system for your security system. It not only keeps your costs to a minimum, but ensures that if you come across any problems with your system or service that our team will be there to take care of the situation for you.Warranty

SecurityCareTM Plus

Extended Warranty – Vector Security shall provide services and equipment replacements due to breakage at no additional costs to you.

Free System Inspection – Our trained technicians will inspect your system free of charge every two years to see that it is in top working performance.

Free Battery Replacement Services – We will cover the cost of replacing all system batteries, including labor and trip charges.

Free System Move – If you should move during the life of your contract, we will re-install your Vector Security system at you new home free of charge.

Contact us to learn more about the warranties we have available for all of our different home security systems. Our security solutions are available to customers located throughout the communities of Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City.