A Tradition Rooted In U.S. History

Eye-On Alarm has more than a decade of experience installing and servicing [home security systems] (link to home) throughout the New York City area. This expertise has served us well so far and only continues to grow and expand. In fact, our company is truly honored to partner with Vector Security, a security system provider with roots in the beginning of our nation’s history.

Vector Heritage

A Legacy of Protection from Fire…

When our security solutions company partnered with Vector Security it inherited an even longer legacy – a much longer legacy. You see, in 1752, Benjamin Franklin founded our nation’s longest lasted and oldest insurance company called the Philadelphia Contributionship. This historic insurance company began with house fire insurance and only expanded from there. Vector Security is part of this insurance company, the Philadelphia Contributionship, and provides an insurance of security through electronic surveillance, electronic home security systems, business security systems, fire alarms, and much more. As you can imagine, Vector Security performs through a historic, well-rooted tradition of protection.

Vector Heritage

…To Innovations of Protection from Today’s Concerns

Today, Vector Security customers, through authorized dealers such as our security solutions company, experience a higher level of security than ever before. The security systems we provide through Vector Security protect our clients from nearly every threat life could possibly throw towards them. This amazing security company serves more than 260,000 houses, businesses, and other buildings with intelligent, state-of-the-art systems to ensure this security from life’s concerns. Our team is happy to be above the rest of our competition thanks to our experience and involvement with Vector Security.

Learn More About Vector Security:

Contact us to learn more about the history of Vector Security and why our team is so excited to be able to work with them. Our companies have teamed up to provide the finest in security solutions to customers located throughout the communities of Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City.